Gifting with Purpose

With only a few days left, the quest to find the perfect gift becomes more challenging. You want to find something different, something useful and most of all, something meaningful. Big box stores and online sites offer the basics and meet some of the requirements…some of the time. Yet, it’s often independent, small retailers who offer the most interesting and innovative gifts.

A gift from PawsAbilities is both functional and meaningful. Our core products are made in true artisanal fashion – one by one, crafted with care and infused with passion. From indulgent dog biscuits to doggie bandanas and old school rope toys, each product has been planned and produced by a member of our community with an intellectual disability. That’s the meaningful piece of this story. When you purchase a PawsAbilities product, you are supporting employment training and social opportunities for people in your own backyard.

Pet products remain number one on Santa’s list. Individuals and families love to honor their most cherished four-legged friends. The family dog is the symbol of unconditional love. The endearing term, “man’s best friend,” is an understatement. The family dog brings more than friendship. He or she brings love, companionship, and warmth to every household.

People with intellectual disabilities bring a unique gift to their communities, as well. We invite you to stop by our store or view our products online in your quest to find the perfect gift this week.