10 Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Furry Friends

10 Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Furry Friends

Halloween 2018 is only two days, and most of us have been planning our costumes for weeks! With school starting, Holidays approaching and everyday life, sometimes it can be hard to remember a costume for your four-legged friends.

THAT’S WHY: We’ve come up with a list for 10 EASY DIY Pet costumes you could make in an hour or less!

Let’s face it, our pets are cuter than us anyway. So here’s that inspo you’ve been needing to make your loyal companion a hit with the trick-or-treaters AND your Facebook friends, too!

  1. Pup-tini – now, we know this is a very specific Halloween costume, but it’s way too cute not to share! If your pup has been feeling a little self-conscious about their ‘cone of shame’, throw some olives in there and make them the life of the party! How could you not have fun when you’re looking as cute as this guy!?

      2. Beanie Puppy – A very simple but ADORABLE pet costume is the classic Beanie Baby tag. It can be easily added right onto the collar or tied (loosely) around your pet’s neck! You can go even further and add a personalized bio about your pet just like the Classic Beanie Babies. 

  1. Angel – Even when they act like devils, we all know our animals are our little angels. An easy pair of wings can turn your pet into the angel they truly are!
  2. Cotton Candy – If you happen to have a very well behaved four-legged friend, this cotton candy outfit is both SUPER EASY AND adorable! And kind of cotton stuffing can be used, and, BONUS – you have the creative freedom to make whatever color cotton candy you want! 
  3. Peter Pan – As you can tell from the photo, your pet will be THRILLED with this Peter Pan costume. We all know how much animals love having string around their neck! But hey, if you have some felt, scissors, string and maybe a feather, you’ll have an adorably annoyed Peter Pan in no time.
  4. Mummy – We feel like this one is pretty self-explanatory. Get some kind of gauze or HEY even toilet paper, let your kitty play with it for a few minutes and you’ll have a mummy (maybe accidentally). Just make sure they aren’t wrapped anywhere that affects their mobility. It’ll be like a fun game to keep them occupied too!
  5. Solar System – If you really love Neil deGrasse Tyson or maybe have an old Solar System school assignment laying around, put it to good use and make it into a hat for your pet this Halloween! They’ll look so adorable, it’ll be out of this world! 
  6. Minions – This one may take a little more creative effort, but ESPECIALLY if you have more than one furry friend, minions is an adorable, easy idea that kids and adults alike will love! 
  7. “I’m Still Getting Ready” – If you have any old curlers or a hair net laying around the house, your dog will make the perfect “I’m Still Getting Ready” character. Sunglasses would be an extra added bonus if you can get your dog to cooperate long enough to keep them on. 
  8. PAWSABILITIES BANDANA – Last but certainly not least is the PawsAbilities Bandana! (Pssst… This is our FAVORITE idea, but don’t tell anyone.) We do all the work for you AND you get to help support a great organization! What more could you ask for?!


Hopefully these ideas will make your Halloween 2018 a little easier and spookier! Happy Halloween from all of us at PawsAbilities!