Jobs for People with Disabilities in Kansas City

Creating Opportunities

Our Story Began with a Human Touch

Man’s best friend may be the inspiration behind PawsAbilities products. But, our story began with a human touch. PawsAbilities provides hands-on job training for people with disabilities in Kansas City.

Inspired by Man’s Best Friend

Man’s best friend was the avenue to fulfill our mission and create the PawsAbilities products. ​PawsAbilities offers artisanal, all natural dog treats. We continue to expand our flavors, bandanas and toys to offer more variety for everyday and special occasion treats.

To Bolster the Talents of Our People

Our love for pets and for people with special needs is one. Our pet products are designed, made and delivered by individuals with special needs. We are a community bolstered by the strengths, passions, talents and strong work ethic of the people we serve.

Creating Opportunities for People with Disabilities in Kansas City

Despite the positive contributions to America’s workforce – lower turnover and absenteeism – finding jobs for people with disabilities in Kansas City can be difficult. Enter PawsAbilities and the entrepreneurial spirit that has historically shaped Kansas City’s reputation.

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