If you’re like me, you wake up on a beautiful Saturday morning with the bright idea that it would be the perfect day to give your dogs the bath they have been needing for weeks. So often, however, I pause when I think about all of the hair, water and soap that will no doubt cover my bathtub in an hour or so. Even if I could get my dogs to settle down enough to bathe them in the backyard, that doesn’t sound very appealing when it’s 30 degrees!

Grooming can be so expensive and cause great anxiety for many dogs, so when I was told about ‘a car wash, but for dogs’, I was pumped! I looked at several places in the Kansas City area, and decided on Go Pet Go in Merriam, KS!

At these self-service grooming stations, owners are able to bathe their dogs without adding the anxiety and stress of leaving the dog for hours.

We were provided with multiple shampoo options, conditioner, and towels / drying options and were able to leave when we fished using the drying supplies – at Go Pet Go, customers are not asked to clean up after themselves.

Other local self-service dog wash stations include Four Paws Pantry & Spa, U Wash Puppy and Happy Pawz!

Let us know what your experience was with a self-service dog washing station!